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Blood for Haiti survivors delivered in just 12 hours in Logistics Blog

I'm happy to tell you that Quick delivered another shipment of blood to the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. This time, 10 boxes (462 lbs) of blood on wet ice arrived at Port-au-Prince in just 12 hours, door-to-door.

As the relief efforts stream into Haiti, the traffic at the Port au Price airport intensifies. There are limited landing slots and the requests for clearance are backlogged, up to 5-6 days. Chartering a plane means a wait time of nearly a week. This obviously is not a viable solution when transporting blood for the survivors who are in critical need of medical help.

Quick loading blood onto a charter leaving for Haiti at 4AM in MA
Quick loading blood onto a charter leaving for Haiti - 4AM, MA.

Our challenge was to find an aircraft that already received clearance and was scheduled to leave shortly for Haiti. However, most planes were running with full capacity. Finding space for a nearly 500 lb shipment was not easy. We left no stone unturned and contacted many relief organizations and agencies. At 4AM in Massachusetts, our staff loaded the shipment. It landed at 2pm and was met by the UN, who delivered it to the hospital by 4pm.  Record time, even in the best of situations!

Creating solutions in the current reality required that we step out of our usual operating procedures and tap into all of our resources and contacts. Through the cooperation of many determined and caring individuals, we were we able to get the blood to Haiti in an amazing 12 hours, integrity intact.

Thanks to all who are participating in creating solutions for these critical shipments. As an organization, we will continue to do what we can to help the people of Haiti.

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