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Severe Summer Weather and Your Business in Logistics Blog

The summer usually creates an opportunity for relaxation, vacations and trips to the beach. Though the months of summer come with temperatures and weather conditions that many desire, the typical summer weather can create havoc for the workplace, and should be monitored. The ever-changing weather conditions are those that can cause a great amount of damage--especially from a business standpoint. Read more...

6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Supply Chain Intact During Natural Disasters in Logistics Blog

From a business standpoint, you know that some challenges are to be expected while others may appear with little or no warning. Unfortunately, these unexpected challenges are happening all too frequently lately. Whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, volcanic eruption, or civil unrest, like the riots that recently devastated London, it is hard to plan for every global event. Read more...

Quick is committed to the security of global supply chain in Logistics Blog

Did you know that Quick is helping the U.S. government fight terrorism? You may be wondering how a priority courier is involved in homeland security. Well, we are C-TPAT certified -- we partner with the U.S.Customs and Border Protection to strengthen international supply chain and U.S. border security.