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New Regulations Proposed for Transport of Lithium Batteries in Logistics Blog

Over the years, a number of incidents where overheated lithium ion and lithium metal batteries have caused smoking packages and fires onboard cargo and passenger aircraft has led to stricter and increasingly complex shipping regulations.


Delivering Breast Milk - A Case for Cold Chain Logistics in Logistics Blog

In the midst of our vigorous efforts to deliver blood to the Haiti survivors, came a call from the International Breast Milk Project: the USNS Comfort’s Medical Treatment Center stationed by the coast of Haiti needed donor breast milk for the premature, sick and orphaned infants aboard the ship. Once again, we joined forces with IBMP and rushed to implement cold chain logistics to safely deliver the 500 ounces of donor breast milk.


Blood for Haiti survivors delivered in just 12 hours in Logistics Blog

I'm happy to tell you that Quick delivered another shipment of blood to the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. This time, 10 boxes (462 lbs) of blood on wet ice arrived at the Port au Prince in just 12 hours, door-to-door.


Racing Against the Clock - Delivering Blood to Haiti in Logistics Blog

Quick, with the help of CBS News team, successfully delivered an urgently needed supply of blood to Haiti in under 20 hours, despite the many logistical challenges.


Quick delivers breast milk to babies in the Philippines in Logistics Blog

I’m pleased to let you know that once again we were able to help make a difference in the lives of orphaned babies. In what took tremendous work and extraordinary logistics capabilities, our JFK Operations Team was able to coordinate a delivery of 200 bottles of donated breast milk to the disaster stricken Philippines in just 24 hours!