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Airline Laptop Ban Likely to Expand to Europe in Logistics Blog

There is an ongoing uncertainty regarding the expansion of the in-flight electronics (laptops, tablets, etc.) ban to Europe. Currently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security official position is that the expansion is being considered but no decision has been made. Read more...

Significant Changes to the IATA DGR 54th Edition (2013) in Logistics Blog

New Dangerous Goods regulation updates in the IATA DGR 54th Edition will take effect on January 1, 2013. Below is a summary of the important changes for your reference. As always, the IATA DGR should be consulted for details: Read more...

Limited and Excepted Quantities of Dangerous Goods in Logistics Blog

Customers often ask us about shipping small amounts of hazardous materials by air. The fact is that IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations contains provisions for shipping limited quantities of Dangerous goods that can save you both time and money. These regulations can be confusing at times. Here is an explanation of excepted or limited quantities that may make things a bit clearer for you.