Photo of Dominique Bischoff-Brown


Dominique Bischoff-Brown


Quick Group of Companies

New York, NY


Innovative logistics solutions, international logistics, global operations, strategic development.


Elimination of global poverty, universal health care and education, respect of humankind and the environment.


Dominique Bischoff-Brown is the Chief Executive Officer for the Quick Group of Companies around the world. She oversees the global operations, strategic development, and quality assurance programs for the company. Dominique has been an integral part of Quick since 1983, and has helped to provide innovative logistics solutions for major industries including life sciences, aviation, high-tech, entertainment and financial.  As a veteran of the logistics industry, she previously held management positions in international sales, international operations and customer service.

Dominique is a driving force behind all of Quick's charitable contributions. She has been actively involved in the International Breast Milk Project, volunteering Quick's rush priority services to deliver donor breast milk to orphans in the most remote areas of the world.