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New Regulations Affecting Clinical Trials in Peru in Blog Posts

On June 30, 2017, Peru's Ministry of Health (MINSA) issued a new regulation that will reinstate clinical studies for the pediatric population and native communities. Read more...

Argentina to Shorten the Clinical Trials Approval Timelines in Blog Posts

On April 26th, The Ministry of Health in Argentina (ANMAT) has issued a new regulation that shortens the timelines for the approval of clinical trials from 160 business days to 70 days (60 days for review and 10 days for administration paperwork).


Brazil Increases Sanitary Surveillance Inspection Fees in Blog Posts

As of September 9th 2015, Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) increased the sanitary surveillance inspection fees (GRU/GVS tax rate) on all imports and exports of lab kits and biological samples.  Read more...

Argentina Agrees to Lift Trade Restrictions with EU and US Beginning 2016 in Blog Posts

Argentina agreed to lift trade restrictions with EU and US by end of the year following a ruling from the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The ruling will apply to all goods entering Argentina, improving the time it takes for shipments to be imported and cleared. 

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