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Clarification on New CFDI Export Regulations in Mexico in Blog Posts

The Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) has revised the new CFDI export reporting regulations, that require electronically filed commercial invoices to accompany exported goods. SAT clarified that the paragraph 3.1.35 of the 2016 General Foreign Trade Rules applies to commercial products exported from Mexico, as defined by the Article 14 of the Foreign Trade Rules. Read more...

New Regulations For Importing Placebo Products to Australia in Blog Posts

Effective July 1, 2016, new quarantine clearance regulations will be implemented in Australia affecting the import of placebo products. Pharmaceutical placebo products, which are usually made out of sugar, milk or a similar ingredient, are classified as a food product due to their composition (i.e. not containing active drug). Read more...

UPDATE: New Regulations in Mexico Will Affect Export of Biological Samples in Blog Posts

New regulations in Mexico that will require all exports to be accompanied by a legal Commercial Invoice processed by the Tax Authority (SAT) were recently amended by the Mexican authorities. Read more...

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