Second Largest Kidney Swap in History: NKR and Quick International complete 56 Participant Swap in Blog Posts

organ.jpgThe National Kidney Registry (NKR), with the specialized logistics support of Quick International Courier, performed the second largest kidney swap in history, and the largest swap to be concluded in under forty days. The "chain" involved 56 participants, 19 transplant centers and completed approximately one year after NKR's largest swap which included 60 participants.

The speed of the chain illustrates the enormous progress that's been made with respect to process improvements that radically shorten setup times for large swaps, reducing the time patients wait for a kidney transplant. Whereas last year's record-setting swap took six months to complete, this particular chain took only five weeks to finish. Large swaps also increase the ability to find matches for the most highly sensitized patients, and facilitated transplants for ten patients who were extremely hard to match.

County Commissioner and University of Memphis Law Professor, Steven Mulroy, the Good Samaritan donor who initiated this chain said, 

“Once you realize that this is a way to save a life and possibly many other lives without any real permanent sacrifice on my part, it seems like not only a no brainer, but a moral imperative.”

On behalf of the Quick team, we are gratified to be involved in working with NKR and helping people around the country in such an impactful way. To learn more about the National Kidney Registry, go to:

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Julie Kibler January 16, 2014 04:48:37 -0800
Great work by Quick international team.I hope all the transplant was successful and this kidney transplant operation gave new life to many people. baby shops online
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