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Dangerous Goods Shipping

Have your HAZMAT shipments ever been held at customs or refused by the airlines?
Find out how our solutions can help you avoid delays.

Delays in the delivery of dangerous goods disrupt your supply chain, costing you both time
and money. They can happen due to improper classification, insufficient packaging or incorrect paperwork, but above all, due to lack of access to reliable and accurate information.

With Quick, an expert in moving dangerous goods, you can effectively minimize the risk
of shipping delays. Our global team of IATA trained and certified experts is on call 24/7 and
fully up-to-speed on international laws to ensure your packages are always in compliance.

Our dangerous goods experts work with you from beginning to end. With one call, your HAZMAT packages are picked up, checked for compliance, and shipped via the fastest, safest route. The integrity and safety of your shipments is maintained throughout transit as we monitor progress through multiple operational checkpoints. We even track weather patterns and other global events, rerouting your shipments as needed to avoid potential delays.

Specifically, our comprehensive Dangerous Goods Shipping gives you fast, secure and worry-free delivery of your HAZMAT packages with:

  • An immediate response to your call, picking up your packages anywhere in the world, and any time of the day or night
  • The fastest and safest routes based on your needs with delivery options that range from Next Flight Out and Air Charter
  • Individual handling – your HAZMAT packages are never consolidated with other shipments so that we know where they are in transit at all times and head off delays before they happen
  • Access to QuickOnline, our state-of-the-art Web-based system that helps you manage transportation costs and monitor packages with real-time information on the status of each shipment

No matter where in the world your shipment is going or how fast you need it to be delivered, Quick will watch over your HAZMAT packages to ensure they get to their destination on time, every time.

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