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E-Discovery and Legal Documents Logistics

Is transporting your digital data and documents securely a concern? Find out how Quick can help you keep your data safe and secure, from shipping a single tape to truckloads of data.

Your data is critical to a trial. Any loss of information or breech of security can bring your case crashing down. That’s why when you have to move tapes, magnetic media or vital records, you need both speed and security to keep your data intact and protected.

With over 30 years of experience shipping the most sensitive information for clients around the world, Quick understands exactly what it takes to move your data quickly and securely. Our E-Discovery and Legal Documents Logistics Service gives you round-the-clock access to experienced industry specialists who will customize a solution that meets your deadlines and maintains the integrity of your data from start to finish, regardless of how complex your move. We can arrange rush delivery or pre-planned moves of CDs, DVDs, documents, and hard drives for data transfer of digital media.

Quick takes care of everything, no matter the size and scope, from pulling and packing data to transporting it quickly and securely, to unpacking and set up upon delivery. Your information is sealed in transport cases or appropriate containers and treated as one shipment throughout transit. Our experts even complete all necessary documentation to ensure you avoid any delays by meeting local regulations and customs requirements.

Specifically, Quick’s E-Discovery and legal Documents Logistics Services offers you:

  • Pick up from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 – even if that involves multiple locations, nights, weekends or holidays
  • Overnight delivery to most international locations and same day domestic service
  • Cost-effective solutionswhen time is not a factor, with air and truck options and charges by total weight, versus per piece
  • Comprehensive array of logistics services to meet your deadlines and budget
  • An unmatched chain of custody from pick up right through to final delivery, to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your shipment throughout transit
  • Real time tracking, alerts and communications via QuickOnline, our state-of-the-art Web-based system

Simply put, Quick’s E-Discovery and Legal Documents Logistics offer you something other carriers cannot – completely customized end-to-end solutions to meet your critical shipping needs. .

Note: If you would like more information about Legal Services you can download the
following PDF: Quick Legal Services Brochure

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