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Medical Device and Equipment Shipping

Inventory shortfalls can cost you money and damage customer relationships. Learn how Quick can help you keep much needed medical devices close at hand.

When a patient needs to be treated, or a diagnostic or imaging machine is out of order, time is of the essence.  That's why whether you’re sending pacemakers, artificial heart valves, titanium pins and more for implant, or medical devices necessary to repair equipment like MRI machines – your shipments need to get where they’re going fast.

Our Medical Equipment Shipping makes that happen. With more than 30 years experience moving critical shipments around the world, Quick gives you access to a team of specialists focused on handling the unique needs of the medical device industry. Our longstanding partnerships with airlines means we can get your shipment priority status no matter where it’s going – whether via On Board Courier, Next Flight Out or Air Charter. This is combined with a vast network of drivers experienced in the protocols involved with moving all types of medical devices, giving us the ability to use any means of transportation available to meet your urgent deadlines.

Quick also offers warehousing services to help you keep an inventory of medical devices near your largest customers, making it available to you and your customers whenever it’s needed, night and day. Located in densely populated cities around the globe, all our facilities store your medical devices in a secure, quality controlled environment. Plus, our close relationships with hospitals all over the world means we have unparalleled after hours access – ensuring your shipment gets into the right hands on time, every time.

Specifically, our Medical Devices Logistics offers you:

  • Pick up and delivery any time of the day or night, 24/7/365
  • Shipping from anywhere and to anywhere in the world
  • Same day service domestically, and next day service to most international locations
  • Access to the fastest possible routes whether by road or air, including charter aircraft
  • Individual handling and tracking of each shipment from pick up through to delivery
  • Dangerous goods experience with IATA certified specialists on staff to assist with shipping everything from radioisotopes for nuclear imaging machines to lithium batteries and paint
  • Web-based, real-time access to the status of each shipment via QuickOnline
  • Automatic proof of delivery via the Web, as well as by phone, fax, email or text

Designed to help the medical community save lives, Quick’s Medical Equipment Shipping gives you what you need to meet your customers’ needs with the utmost speed and reliability.
Note: If you would like more information about Medical Transportation Services you can download the following PDF: Medical Transportation Services

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