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Life Sciences Logistics

Since 1981, Quick International Courier has been meeting the urgent logistics needs of the Life Science Community with the utmost speed and reliability. We understand the critical nature of what you are shipping, and that it often mean saving lives. Our specially trained experts are experienced in the proper protocols, and work exclusively with hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, medical processing centers and others involved in research or organ transplant. This is combined with unmatched cold chain logistics, in which we monitor temperature throughout transit to ensure the integrity of each shipment.

Medical Courier Services 
Quick provides global life-saving shipping logistics for human organs, blood products, corneas and tissue for transplant or research. Our Medical team leverages Quick’s vast network of transportation solutions, shipping via the fastest possible route to give you the speed, reliability and integrity you need.

Medical Device and Equipment Shipping
Whether you're sending pacemakers, artificial heart valves, titanium pins and more for implant, or medical devices necessary to repair diagnostic equipment, Quick will ensure your shipments gets into the right hands on time. Quick also offers warehousing services to help you keep an inventory of medical devices near you or your customers.

Quick is your most knowledgeable source for medical courier and medical device logistics.

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