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Whether it’s dollars lost paying idle staff waiting for equipment repairs or penalties incurred by missing service contract deadlines – “machine down” time costs you. Learn more about how Quick International Courier can get you back up and running, fast.

Just in time production. Lean principles. It’s all just standard operating procedure in the world of high tech manufacturing. That means you have little – if any – spare inventory, making it more important than ever to keep production lines moving. And if your lines run 24/7, then any slow down at all will have a significant impact on your supply chain and, of course, your bottom line.

That’s why Quick’s High Tech Logistics Services offer you what virtually no other priority shipping specialist does – the fastest, most comprehensive global logistics solutions in the industry. Our high tech specialists are industry veterans that understand the way you do business, and the pressure you are under every day to keep your supply chain intact. They’ll work with you to design a solution specific to the unique needs of each situation, whether that’s rushing you the parts needed for machine down repair, or getting your finished product into the hands of your customers to meet your commitments.

With experience moving everything from the smallest parts to large test equipment, semi-conductors to dangerous goods, there is literally nothing we can’t do for you. That includes picking shipments up from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night – getting them where they need to be via the best possible route using Next Flight Out, On-Board Courier,Air Charter, Next Drive Out or any combination. We’ll even prepare all the necessary documentation for you to ensure that your shipment is in full compliance, helping you avoid potential delays.

Specifically, Quick’s High Tech Services offer you complete FAB and machine down support with:

  • The fastest delivery times with a variety of transportation options including air and drive options, as well as Priority Freight Services for oversized or very heavy shipments
  • Full import and export brokerage capabilities
  • A comprehensive understanding of the World Trade Organization agreement for duty free clearance of high tech materials being imported into participating countries
  • IATA certified dangerous goods specialists on staff that can assist with completing paperwork
  • Round-the-clock access to customer service, as well as real-time tracking from pick up through delivery with QuickOnline, our state-of-the-art Web-based system
  • Instant verification of delivery via QuickOnline, as well as by phone, fax or email
  • End-to-end support services including electronic inventory management, return/recycle support and after-market logistics consulting

At Quick, we know that down time simply isn’t an option. Let us show you how our High Tech Logistics Services can keep you up and running.

Note: If you would like more information about High Technology Logistics you can download the following PDF: Quick High Technology

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