Listen to the new Sterling Aviation Podcast: Logistics that fuel your global aviation supply chain.

21 Sep, 2020 by  Marie T. Vigliarolo

What does it take to deliver the logistics solutions needed to support the global aviation supply chain? Sterling’s Claus Engelbrechtsen, an aviation logistics veteran, tackles that question in our latest QuickConversations podcast – and shares how his team works with clients every day to help keep their planes in the air.

And as running a just-in-time-supply chain has gotten even more complicated, the insights that he shares are now even more impactful. During our latest podcast, Logistics that fuel your global aviation supply chain, you’ll learn what Sterling is doing to keep the aviation supply chain intact, no matter what is going on in the world—from a global pandemic to extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen events. Claus shares his experience on these challenging topics, such as:
  • Routing and transportation alternatives with reduced airline schedules
  • Expediting shipments through country borders and customs
  • Navigating around severe weather and global events

You’ll hear more about managing mission-critical logistics in this conversation – an approach that today, in these unprecedented times, is more important than ever. You can listen to QuickConversations on our podcast webpage or wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts; Google Play; Overcast; Spotify; and Stitcher.

After you listen to the podcast, take a look at these new case studies -- stories that share how Sterling rises to the occasion to support seemingly impossible aviation logistics challenges:

Critical Part for an AOG Situation Needed for Australian Government Rescue Operation During Covid-19 Pandemic 

Aircraft Manufacturer Required Shipment of an Urgent Part for a Grounded Major Medical Operator for Medical Mission in Australia During COVID-19
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