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The coronavirus outbreak is a constantly evolving situation, and The Quick Group is committed to staying in close communication with our customers during this health crisis. This page is designed to provide you with the latest information and answers to your questions regarding how the outbreak is impacting global shipments. We’re also including links to relevant information published by expert sources. If you have questions or need information that is not addressed on this page, please contact your local customer service office or your Quick/Sterling representative.

In the meantime, we remain focused on continuing to deliver the transportation solutions that meet your urgent shipping needs.

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01 Apr, 2021

What Activities Can You do After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidelines on what activities are safe for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID19, as well as those that require taking some precautions.
01 Apr, 2021

Trypanophobia or "needle phobia" is real!

And it may make some people feel anxious about COVID-19 vaccines, which may require not just one, but two shots. If this sounds familiar to you or someone you know, you'll be interested in this article that provides helpful tips on how to cope with "needle phobia."
09 Mar, 2021

Science in 5 Video - WHO

New World Health Organization (WHO) Science in 5 video! This program provides helpful answers to key questions on the types of vaccines available, dosage requirements, safety and side effects. View video
09 Mar, 2021

"Zoom fatigue"—it's real.

After hours, days and months on calls for work and virtual visits with family & friends, many are feeling completely exhausted. If this sounds like you or someone you know, you'll be interested in this article that covers the causes of "Zoom fatigue" and how to fight back.
17 Feb, 2021

What to do after being vaccinated

If you are wondering when immunity kicks in and how long it will last after receiving the vaccine, watch this World Health Organization video, "I'm vaccinated, What's Next?"
17 Feb, 2021

9 Ways the Pandemic Will Change Travel in 2021

Workcations" or "flexcations" could be the new travel trend for 2021—a trip combining remote working and travel with family and friends. If you see a "workcation" in your future, you'll want to check out the answers to 9 of the most pressing travel queries.
05 Jan, 2021

This "Science in 5" video from the World Health Organization answers key questions regarding immunity from COVID-19: How long does it last? Can you get reinfected?

Check out the video today:
04 Jan, 2021

Since its onset, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many lifestyle changes, causing increased stress and worry.

So, how do you de-stress when you can't safely go outside? The Harvard Business Review shares some helpful tactics for managing stress and anxiety.
28 Dec, 2020

UK border closing update:

Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands, who had banned flights from the UK, have re-opened.
Please contact your local Customer Service Center, open 24/7, with any questions about your shipments.
Click here to access the latest list of border closings - updated daily
23 Dec, 2020

New strain of COVID-19 in the UK prompts travel ban

On Sunday, December 20th, countries across Europe and beyond began closing their borders to travelers from the United Kingdom, in an effort to contain a new COVID-19 variant first reported in England. Read more